“Your book is amazing! Wonderfully uplifting.”
– Terrie M. Williams
"You have done wonderful work with your book. If reached soon enough, children can accept their hair as mystical, majestic and magical!"
– Dr. Maya Angelou

We Love Our Hair

Their encounter, an all too brief yet intimate, revealing exchange, touched her heart and ignited a simple love for a complicated spirit.
“I love We Love Our Hair.”
– Nikki Giovanni

Praise for We Love Our Hair

“I love it! Thank you for writing such a fun book for and about us.”
– Faith Ringgold
“Thank you for We Love Our Hair.”
– Dr. Hawa Abdi (DHAF, Somalia)

I Crown You With My Heart

NYSE Book Signing (2013)

Written by Shanene Pinder

Come join the joyful rhythm and rhyme of girls at play as they declare, “We Love Our Hair.” Reflecting diverse images of young African American girls of every hue and hair texture, these vibrant, colorful girls burst to life on each page and will remind readers of themselves, their friends and encourage them to celebrate the beauty of their natural hair.

Written by Shanene Pinder

One night, as the result of an intriguing and fun eConversation with a very special man admired only from afar, she finally met him and was instantly captivated.

“Thank you for "We Love Our Hair." We hope you will continue to stay active and involved."
– President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
I Crown You With My Heart is a message, a collection of of love poems poured out to this man.  Although he knows her, he is unaware of how deeply he has moved her.  It is her hope that someday he might recognize himself in her poetry and realize that, in her he has--as he described her when they first met--a "gentle, kind" and eternal friend.